TNT Fireworks

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We have an awesome opportunity this year to fundraise our student ministry budget by selling TNT Fireworks at the Rosemount Cub Foods. This tent will bring in thousands of dollars to fund our ministry, send kids to camp, and enable us to support local nonprofits and ministries. 

To pull this off, we need a TON of help. You don't need any experience or expertise, we'll teach you everything you need!

There is one set-up day: June 21. This day is green on the schedule/sign up sheet.
This day needs a TON of people - many hands make light work. If you can help out any day, make it this one. 

From June 22-29, things are pretty relaxed. The biggest areas of need are opening and closing (10am and 10pm). These days are also a great opportunity to learn procedures and hang out with your friends.

June 30-July 3 are when things start to get crazy. The tent will be open from 10am to midnight and we'll need a lot of help throughout the day. These days are yellow on the schedule/sign up sheet.

July 4 is the busiest fireworks day of the year. We open at 10am and close at midnight, and we'll sell more fireworks on this day than every other day combined (that's not an exaggeration).
In addition, after the tent closes we will tear down the tent, count our inventory, and repackage it. This process takes several hours and requires as many people as possible. 
We definitely recognize you'll have plans with family on this day and we don't want to interrupt that, but we ask you to consider volunteering at any point throughout the day. 

In addition, because of the uniqueness of this location, we don't have to take down and put back up our inventory every day (most TNT tents do this and it adds an hour to opening and an hour to closing, EVERY DAY). However, that means someone has to sleep in the tent. Most nights that will be me (Sean), but if you're willing to spend a night or two (or 13) in the tent, it would be hugely appreciated. 

Click here to go to the schedule/sign-up sheet.