Winter Blast + Superb Owl Party

Happy Monday! I don't think I ever had three snow days in a row when I was a kid... I think we're getting soft.

Three updates for you:

  1. No Elevate on Wednesday. With a forecasted high of -15, we're going to be following suit with the school district for pretty much all Lighthouse-related things this week. Maybe a family game night instead?

  2. CoH Winter Blast is this Friday (February 1). This is a phenomenal event we've partnered with Community of Hope for in the past. The cost is $20 but it's well worth the price of admission. There's food, a DJ, big group games, laser tag, Fortnite tournament, escape rooms, worship, and crazy giveaways (including a couple of Xboxes - I'll attach a picture of the prize table). Here's a recap video of last year - recap video.

    Sign your student up at

  3. Our annual Superb Owl Party is this Sunday (Feb 3) at Lighthouse. Come anytime after 5. 
    Food, games, maybe a football game on the big screen. No cost, but bring a snack to share if you can. 
    Please respond to this email if you plan to attend. 

Stay warm and safe! Praying for you all!